Monday, November 2, 2009

Smooth sailing so far

PLEASE NOTE: This all happened 2 years ago, I'm simply copying it to my blog since I didn't have a blog back then.

Originally written Nov 02, 2007 01:13pm (EST)

Well, Autumn has been doing great. Everyday she progresses along with no bumps in the road so far. She had a Patent Ductus Arteriosis or PDA. They treated it with one course of Indocin/Indomethacin. And it is now as good as closed, not completely but they said good enough? We've been praying specifically for her PDA and I knew it would be taken care of with the first course of medication, they were talking about doing 3 courses but stopped after the first. She came off the ventilator after 10 days and is now on CPAP. I got to hold her for the first time on Halloween and that evening they weaned her down to room air oxygen (21%) and she's been on that since. I held her for 2 1/2 hours Wed and an hour last night, it was awesome and she loved it. She is getting my breastmilk through an OG tube in her mouth. She started at .5cc and is now taking 1.5cc every 3 hours and they will keep increasing the amount daily I think or every 6 feeds or something like that. She likes her pacifier and she also sucks on her knuckles. Things have been going way better than I expected and I am so thankful to the Lord for that. He is so awesome and just showing us the miracles He can do if we just ask and believe. I know there may still be some bumps here and there but I still feel content that overall Autumn will be just fine. She has been staying around her birth weight and has gained an ounce yesterday, 2 lb 12 oz.

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