Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Butter Keeper / Butter Bell

I had a glass butter dish that just annoyed me. The cover was rounded (and glass) so when you picked it up, it slipped out of your hands most times, smooshing itself into the butter below. So I started looking for a new one on the internet (where I start most of my shopping) and found this neat butter thingy. The one I purchased is called a butter keeper, but there are also ones called a butter bell. I really like this hip square one but it's much pricier than the one I purchased. The reason I like it is because you can always have soft butter on hand, it doesn't get messy and the butter stays fresh because of the unique airtight seal created by the water in the bottom. Here is a snippet of the explanation:

Butter stored in the fridge tastes like leftovers and tears up your toast, while butter stored on the counter spreads easily but goes rancid in days. What to do? Norpro has the answer. Simply pack the Norpro Butter Keeper’s inverted lid with softened butter, put an inch or so of cool water in the base, and invert the lid on top. Water makes an airtight seal between lid and base, keeping butter soft, sweet, and spreadable for up to 30 days without refrigeration. (You’ll need to replace the water every few days.)
I found an additional, unexpected and surprising benefit of the butter keeper. The day after I buttered toast, I lifted the top out of the butter keeper and looked at the water on the bottom, it had a floaty in it. I thought, ewww, gross, how did that get in there. Then I realized it was a small crumb I had gotten in the butter the day before while buttering toast. The crumbs in the butter come off in the water! Brilliant.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Keaton at 7 months old - May 2007

Both my kids are chubbos!

CHubs in a CHair - 7 months old

Autumn watching her mobile

Look at those chubby legs, they're scrumptious.

I love this cute little outfit! Thanks Ashley.

Wii Fit

KJ came home from work with Wii Fit last night, he had stopped at Wal*Mart and picked it up. It was released at midnight. Of course, we had to try it out then, so we were up til 1:30 am trying out a couple things.

This is the balance board, it weighs you, measures your balance, and basically is what is able to tell when you're doing an exercise right or wrong by identifying how you shift your weight.

This is a screenshot of the Wii Fit plaza, you register your Miis here and then you can choose yours when you're ready to start training. It shows your progress chart above the Miis.

This is a screenshot of the hula-hoop training, it's found under the Aerobics category. This is one of the things I tried last night, (keep in mind I was ready for bed so all I was wearing was a T-shirt and underwear); I was doing really good, I had 5 hula hoops going and really fast, I think I was around 120 spins and K.J. was sitting on the couch behind me cheering me on and he starting saying "go faster, go faster!" so I did, knowing it would look silly and I'm sort of a goofball anyway. Then K.J. starts narrating, "This is April trying out hula-hooping on Wii Fit for the first time". I turn around and he's videotaping me!!! I jumped off that balance board and ran after him of course. We watched a couple seconds of it and then, needless to say, I deleted it. Then we went to bed. How mortifying would it be for that video to get around? I have to say, it was pretty hilarious to watch. I was disappointed he made me mess up my score though.

This is boxing, I haven't tried it yet.

This is skiing found under the Balance Games, I tried it. It's a lot harder than it looks but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty fun.

This is a lunge, tried it. It's pretty neat cause the bar shows you how far forward you should lunge and if the vertical red line drops below the horizontal blue line, it means you're not doing it correctly.

AFTERBATH - Study of Keaton

K.J. took a couple shots of Keaton after a bath last week, he likes to mess his hair.

Look at all those teeth!

I think this is the cutest shot.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I was never really into video games before.

This is what I've been doing lately, I'm not proud but I have been wasting some time.

Something you see often living in Florida

This lizard lives in between a stack of plastic adirondack chairs we have on our back patio. I see him come out and sunbathe occasionally so I thought I'd snap a few portraits.

Keaton wearing Daddy's T-shirt

K.J. put one of his work T-shirts on Keaton and when he came walking into the office, I said he kind of looked like Yoda. What do you think?

Keaton's Crabbie Sandbox

May 17th, 2008

We bought Keaton a sandbox last month and he really enjoys it. He ended up with no pants on in these pics cause he sat in a puddle of water.

Keaton's nose seems to always be running these days. His canine teeth are almost halfway through so that's the only thing I can seem to find to blame for the nose faucet.

Autumn's first solid food - Rice Cereal

Autumn ate her first food May 16th. It was rice cereal of course. I didn't feel like waiting to thaw out breast milk so I just mixed it with a little water. She LOVED it! Don't know why kids like that stuff but they sure do. She had a hard time getting the food to the back of her mouth cause babies instinctually push stuff out of their mouths with their tongues. She'll learn and then maybe she will start sleeping through the night!

Autumn is 7 months old as of tomorrow, May 21st. She still can't sit up on her own but she does sit in her bumbo and she just started rolling over a couple days ago, from back to tummy (almost completely). She is really only 4 1/2 months old so she's not doing too bad. She's 13 lbs and something ounces, I forget.

When she smiles, it just warms me up! K.J. loves it also, he often sits over her and sings to her and she smiles and coos away as she looks up at him. It's adorable.