Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Bachelor Conspiracy Theory and After The Final Rose, part 2???

Possible SPOILER ALERT, don't read if you don't want to know the possibly TRUE rumors!

So all the buzz on the internet is that Jason chose Melissa in the finale but that he breaks up with her sometime soon after and is now currently dating Molly! Wow, are you serious?? Check out Reality Steve's blog, it has a lot of information, I've only had time to skim it but if you have the time, read it all and summarize to me in a comment or something!! :) ABC has already filmed an After The Final Rose, part 2 to air March 3rd. Whoa, this is crazy!! Chris Harrison has refuted the rumors that the producers "scripted" the ending and made Jason choose Melissa when he knew early on in the season that he wanted Molly. I must say the producers are pretty smart, not only have they hyped up the show with DeAnna returning but now this!?! So many people are pretty miffed by the whole thing but it just makes me anticipate the show even more!! Which I'm sure is the point. Anyway, I can't wait for Monday night!!

The season finale will be March 2nd from 7-9pm CT with the After The Final Rose (ATFR) episode immediately following from 9-10pm. Here is what my TV listing says for the first ATFR: Jason joins finalists Melissa and Molly to assess their journey together on "The Bachelor."

ATFR, part 2 will be March 3rd from 9-10pm and here is what the TV listing says: A season recap featuring Jason and the bachelorette he selected at the final rose ceremony---as well as the one he didn't. Included: updates on all three.

Update: here's another blog worth browsing

and the former Mrs. Mesnick?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Bachelor Women Tell All

KJ called on his way home from work and informed me he wanted to order pizza for dinner tonight. Although I really don't enjoy pizza all that much, I was excited that I didn't have to "make" dinner. After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen and mopped the floor with my Shark Steam Mop, that made me feel ok that I wasn't going to get much done during the 2 hours of The Bachelor. I LOVE my Shark Steam Mop by the way! I used it in my kitchen on our slate tile, in the living room on our bamboo floor, and in the bathrooms on our porcelain (or maybe ceramic, I forget) tile. It works great and there are never any streaks on my wood floors which I've had a problem with with other wood floor cleaners.

I was mildly disappointed with last night's Women Tell All episode. It could have been due to the fact that I was washing/folding/hanging laundry at commercials and inevitably tuned back in a little late each time. So I guess we could say I wasn't completely engaged in the full two hour episode but it's hard to sit on the couch for 2 hours straight and not feel guilty when my house has seen better days and there's a couple tons of laundry to be done. Good news: I completed 3 loads of laundry today and have just one in the basket waiting to be folded. It's whites, I hate the whites load, matching all those socks makes me very anxious for some reason. And everything looks the same so it's hard to distinguish how many items you have left to fold, it all just looks a little too overwhelming to me. Sometimes I'll leave the whites in the basket while I wash and fold other loads of laundry, I just completely loathe the folding/matching of the whites!

I had been rooting for Jillian until of course she went home last week. I still say it's because she has small boobs. Then all week if I had been asked I would have said Molly would be Jason's choice but after last night, I'm going to say Melissa. Now some people seem to think that Jason has 3 choices now, with Deanna making a visit to New Zealand to "chat" with Jason. I also thought that it might come down to the 3 of them, Molly, Melissa and Deanna. But after watching the previews from last night and some other bloggers comments, I think that Deanna is not coming back to beg Jason to give her another chance but to simply give some advice to him as she has "been there". Even if Deanna is coming back to try to win his heart again, ultimately I think Jason will not be revisiting his feelings for her, he now has 2 way awesome girls, that seem less snotty and more likeable than Deanna. Before Chris had asked Jillian if she would consider being the next Bachelorette, KJ said he thought Stephanie would be the next one. I didn't agree, while she is so likeable and adorable and sweet and kind, I think she's probably a little old for the producers and doesn't have the "hot factor" the younger girls have. I'm not saying she's not hot, I think she is totally hot (I would love to have the body she has) but I'm just saying I think the producers probably wouldn't cast her for her very own season. I do hope they cast Jillian as the next Bachelorette, it would be very nice to see her get a Happy Ending. I thought what Stephanie and Jillian had to say about Jason and the experience in general was the most impressive, the rest of the girls just struck me as "drama, drama, drama", but hey, that's why we watch, right? I almost completely missed the part of the show where they talked about the bachelors and bachelorettes from different seasons getting together to party but I caught one shot of Shayne from Matt's season and I didn't see anything about her and Matt's relationship, I have been curious about them since their show ended. Anyone know the details there? Are Matt Grant and Shayne still together? Has Shayne gained any hollywood type publicity since the show?

By the way, does anyone else think that Ty is sort of bratty? It could be that Jason is so tied up with the girls that Ty doesn't get much of his attention anymore and that we see very limited footage of him but every time they do show him, he seems to be ignoring Jason's questions or just having that attitude. I hope I'm wrong but it does make me wonder what Molly, Melissa or Deanna are in for!

Be sure to check back here on March 3rd for my thoughts...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Girls night out!

So tonight I am going out with a girlfriend of mine. This is a rare occurrence. While I really enjoy girls' nights out, this season of my life doesn't really accomodate them very often, if ever. I look forward to getting away from the house and responsibilities but at the same time don't feel I deserve to have this "free time". I also know inevitably I'll miss my husband and kids and feel a bit guilty I'm not spending a Saturday having family time. I know many moms who feel you simply MUST have girls' night once a week or once a month and Ialso know many homemakers who think it's plainly self-indulgent, unnecessary and unfair to your family. I am somewhere in between. I don't think it's necessary to have a scheduled and demanded time to "get away from it all", but I do feel it's good, healthy and fair to occasionally have some alone time, or girlfriend time to just go enjoy myself with things I used to do very often before children. I am really looking forward to going to Pensacola, eating at Panera Bread, shopping at the Cordova mall and Joann Fabrics and then seeing a movie at the Breeze. I love to crochet as many of my friends know and I look forward to buying some new yarn at Joann's since all I have at home is a couple colors and then most of it's from Wal-Mart which isn't the greatest quality. I am really hoping they have some Bernat organic or Lion Brand organic as I keep reading those yarns are so soft and work really well for baby items which is mainly what I crochet.