Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One of my Christmas presents

I recently discovered Etsy and I am in shopping heaven (more on that in another post). I followed a link from Rocks in My Dryer to "The Vintage Pearl", an Etsy store. Rocks in My Dryer was hosting a giveaway of a piece of jewelry from the Vintage Pearl and I was just enamored with her cute "mom" style jewelry. I begged my husband to let me order one for a Christmas present to myself and he quickly said "Yes!".

This is how it arrived inside a bubble mailer.

The card inside the bag has a little graphic of a piece of jewelry stamped with t v p representing the vintage pearl.
Here you can see the piece of jewelry I ordered. It is a necklace with two charms and a pearl. One charm is a domed circle that has "keaton" stamped on it and the other is a domed flower that has "autumn" stamped on it. Hanging between the two charms is a single pearl. It is of course hand stamped by Erin of the vintage pearl and I just love it!

Here you can see the names more clearly.

Here is the necklace next to her card, the necklace is very dainty/delicate looking, that's one of the reasons I like it so much.

Here you can see the backside of the card with all of Erin's contact information if you want to purchase something yourself. She is currently closed for Christmas but I can't wait for her to re-open in January because I have a couple gifts I want to purchase now.

A close-up of Autumn's charm.

Both of them together.

close up of Keaton's charm

I have this vision in the future of giving the necklace to Autumn, and giving Keaton his charm. Autumn can wear her namesake and Keaton can keep his as a gift to give his future wife or use it as a charm on his keys. Maybe it's a lame idea and maybe they'll think it's lame but for now I think it's a sweet idea.

I think it's a steal for $40, $38 for the custom piece and $2 S&H