Wednesday, November 25, 2009


PLEASE NOTE: This all happened 2 years ago, I'm simply copying it to my blog since I didn't have a blog back then.

Originally written November 25, 2007

Don't have too much time but here's a quick update. I breastfed Autumn for the first time yesterday! It was sort of on a whim that the doctor let me. I breastfed her for 2 feedings at 3pm and again at 6pm. She hadn't even gotten a bottle yet. They're supposed to give her a bottle for the first time today. I'm going there tonight to give her a breastfeeding at 9pm. So hopefully once she gets up to 8 feedings a day by bottle or breast she can come home. They haven't said that is the only criteria but besides maintaining her body temperature well; which is what she is also currently working on, I don't know what else there is.

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