Friday, October 16, 2009

Steroid shot didn't hurt....

Originally written Oct 16, 2007 10:49pm (EST)

Well, my perinatologist finally came to see me tonight after he had been gone to a conference since the middle of last week. Considering all the pink fluid I've been leaking, he wanted to go ahead and give me the steroids in case things start happening soon. So I got the first one tonight and will get a second one tomorrow night. Then when it's clear that labor is imminent, and more than 2 weeks has passed, I'll probably get another shot. If I go into labor in the next week or two then at least Autumn will have some accelerated lung development.

The shot did not hurt like I thought, I guess it's different for everyone. And it was really fast too, I thought it would take a while to push the stuff in but it was quick. I've gotten anthrax shots in my arm and those hurt a whole lot worse. (I'm in the Air Force Reserves). My peri doesn't necessarily think the pink fluid signifies labor is coming but he wanted me to have the steroids just in case. He called the steroids "betamethasone". So now it's just more waiting. I'm excited to meet my little girl but really want her to stay in there for much longer. I'm going to get an ultrasound Thursday at the peri's office instead of bedside and he said we can look at more stuff in his office cause the equipment is better. I'll keep you posted.


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