Monday, September 28, 2009

Sept 28, 2007

Sorry I didn't send an email sooner, I know some of you are worried
but I'm still here and everything is still the same. Had an
ultrasound yesterday and the fluid hasn't increased or decreased since
the last ultrasound 5 days before. That's a good thing. The Doctor
plans on giving me steroids at 26 or 27 weeks. He still thinks I
won't get past 28 weeks without going into labor but he did admit he
was surprised I made it this far. Only because of your prayers and
God's power. Thank you all who are concerned for us and continually
praying for me and my family. Please keep it up. If you could
specifically pray that there is enough fluid for Autumn's lungs to be
developing properly and that I will carry way past 28 weeks. I told
God this morning that if He'll allow me to, I can handle 3 more months
here in the hospital. It's going to be tough because of Keaton but it
will be well worth it for Autumn. The more time I'm here at the
hospital, the less time she will spend in the NICU. As uncomfortable
and inconvenient as this is for me, it's not as bad as the NICU will
be for her. That's what keeps me sane if ya'll were wondering. I
know some of you think I must be going nuts in the hospital and I do
sometimes but Autumn's health is what keeps it tolerable.

I had a dream last night that I delivered Autumn and they told me she
was 4 lbs but she looked like a normal newborn and she wasn't hooked
up to anything or in the NICU and I was walking around the hospital
with her and working on breastfeeding. I hope my dream comes true.

Thanks again to all, April and family

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