Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sept 3, 2007

REMINDER: This was an email I sent out 2 years ago today.

So I thought I'd just write an email so some of you I haven't talked
to weren't wondering. I'm still at the hospital, everything is still
the same. I'm leaking very slowly, hopefully slowly enough that
enough fluid is being regenerated each day to keep up with the leak.
Like the doctor said it's like filling up a bucket that has a hole in

I'm on 2 antibiotics given by IV, Unasyn is given 3 times a day and
Zithromax is given once a day. The antibiotics are to prevent
infection which I'm very susceptible to since I'm ruptured. I am also
given Indomethacin by pill twice a day. That is to prevent
contractions/labor. Autumn's heartbeat is in the 150's, normal range
is 120-170. I also still feel her kick and move.

I'm not counting statistics cause God can really do anything, but this
is what I found surfing the net.

Completed Weeks of Gestation at Birth
(Using last menstrual period) Survival
21 weeks and less 0%
22 weeks 0-10%*
23 weeks 10-40%
24 weeks 40-70%
25 weeks 50-80%
26 weeks 80-90%
27 weeks >90%
30 weeks >95%
34 weeks >98%

Most babies at 22 weeks are not recuscitated because survival without major disability is so rare.

A baby's chances for survival increases 3-4% per day between 23 and 24
weeks of gestation and about 2-3% per day between 24 and 26 weeks of
gestation. After 26 weeks the rate of survival increases at a much
slower rate because survival is high already.

So as you can see, the longer we can keep from delivering, the better
so No News is Good News.


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