Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Next Bachelorette!

Yay!! It's Jillian. I kind of already knew it would be thanks to Reality Steve but I had to see for myself. I just love her but I shudder to think of what ABC will do to her. We all loved Jason and look at his popularity now! But I am excited to see her as the Bachelorette, I hope she can stay true to herself amongst the network wolves. We have to wait til May though! I think I'm going to take a hiatus from television until then. Right now I think The Bachelor was the only thing I was following on TV. Don't get me wrong, I watch television daily but I just watch whatever and usually the TV is just on but I'm doing other things. The Bachelor was the only thing that I made sure I knew what time it was on and stopped everything to see it.

Now back to the conspiracy. Here is a copy of an email Reality Steve received 5 days ago, to read about his thoughts and put this email in context, check his blog out here.


“Ok, so let me break it all down for you as I understand it:
Absolute fact:

1) Jason proposes to Melissa in NZ

2) Jason sees Melissa roughly twice a month from end of NZ (they stayed three days together after FRC) to the emergency taping

3) Jason tells Melissa it is over.

4) Melissa flips out. Screams. Yells. Cries. Calls him a bunch of names, etc. etc. Basically a total meltdown.

5) The second ATFR is like normal. Jason/Molly happy, Melissa okay — it was all for the best, yadda. though obviously I don’t know the exact language.
The following things I’m going to tell you are more complex than stone-cold fact, however I trust my source and STRONGLY believe that everything I’m about to tell you is true because I mean…some of it is too unbelievable and detailed to just pull out of total fabrication.
1) Your interview with Megan, which I listened to late yesterday, corraborated what I had heard about Melissa. She was a bubbly spit fire, however she barely spoke to Jason for the first week.
2) Jason made an instant connection with Molly, and despite her poor edit there are several things during the season (tent date, long walk alone in Seattle) that point to that fact. Yet, it wasn’t over the top because that is not Molly’s personality.
3) Just prior to the Final Five, Jason informed producers that Molly was the one.
4) The plan was formed. Producers asked Jason who he liked second best and he told them he had taken interest in Melissa — had a lot going for her, sweet, attractive, etc. They told him to bring her to the Final Two, pick her at the FRC for drama and that she would get America’s love and attention — aka a set up for The Bachelorette. They convinced Jason that he would do no irrevocable harm to Melissa, because she would get the popularity.
5) I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that Melissa fell in love with Jason. In fact, my source said that is who Chris Harrison and the rest were “cheering for and were happy when they saw her bond with Ty.” Period. Nothing else is true. Melissa fell in love with Jason, the staff saw it and rooted for it and were happy for them.
6) Which leads to this fact. Only three people (Mike Fleiss, another top-level showrunner (Martin), and Jason) knew about the plan until AFTER THE FRC. Immediately after the FRC, Chris H and the rest of the staff was informed of the plan and what would go down at the ATFR. No idea how they reacted, and really it isn’t a big part of the story.
7) Immediately after Jason returned to Seattle he got in touch with producers and they put him in touch with Molly. Molly did NOT know about this plan before the FRC, but DID know about it just several days after the FRC. How do you think she was able to take him back? Because she knew. My guy also told me she will play this off at the ATFR as, “Jason is a good man who was in a high pressure situation. Once he got away from the camera, his heart changed. And I loved him.”
Now, this is the slightly disturbing part but my source said he heard this from reliable people. Remember that I said Melissa was head over heels in love. She saw Jason every other weekend and told Jason she was planning on moving out to Seattle, loved Ty, wanted to start a family. Jason made all of this seem great. He is playing the game, before finally realizing after one of these “heart to hearts” that Melissa was seriously falling for him.
9) He called the producers and they moved up the show for him but told him he had to do it, per the agreed “twist”, on camera.
10) Hence everything you will see at the ATFR show.
If you have any questions, let me know. But it’s pretty self-explanatory. My source said that ATFR was still in post-production until either earlier this week or late last week. I have no idea how they will spin it, but they will for damage control.
How does the truth get into the mainstream? You said something about some mysterious e-mails before. That would help. As would someone saying “sue me, I’m talking.” From what I’m told Melissa is “better” but still is taking this very hard.
No idea if she will follow the company line on Ellen and the talk show circuit. Also, the whole parents thing was way overblown. They just were private people and didn’t want to participate. I’ve heard they are very religious. Not sure what that has to do with being private. But they just didn’t want to be on the show. No other conspiracy theory to that.
Hope you enjoy the carnage. Because it is coming!”


I was ready to be fed the whole "I'm following my heart, blah blah" from Jason but after reading this email, I'm horrified. Can it possibly be true? Did Jason actually agree to do this when it was down to the final 5?? I mean what was in it for him? Did they pay him to do this? And what about Molly, after finding out about the whole "plan" didn't she question Jason's character?? I wish some curious rich person would pay $5 million to Jason, Molly or Melissa for the TRUTH. Every participant of The Bachelor/Bachelorette apparently signs a lifetime confidentiality contract and if they break it, ABC can sue them for $5 million. Can't wait to see if Reality Steve posts the emails between Melissa and Jason after the ATFR 1. I'd love to see them.

I do have to wonder about how the email above was "leaked". I mean, I used to work in networking and email is easily tracked and traced but I guess they wouldn't be using their work (ABC's) email. Anyway, I'm sure we'll find out little bits and pieces as time goes by but never really get to know the whole truth and whether this was a scheme the producers talked Jason into or not. I've read so many people say they won't watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette because of this and while I'm tempted to feel the same way, I have to say that I absolutely intend to watch The Bachelorette. After all, the participants all know their lives are going to be nationalized to some extent. Even if they don't truly realize what that means, they still agree to it. And it's for entertainment, and I'd have to say, while it's wrong and cruel, ABC definitely did a good job of entertaining and I'm sure their ratings are the highest ever. I will continue to be entertained and I don't care if people criticize me for continuing to be a fan of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

UPDATE: Click here to read the "leaked" emails between Jason and Melissa

So what do you all think?

Do you think this whole scheme was planned between the producers and Jason?
What do you think will happen for Melissa?
Who was your favorite bachelorette from this season?
Are you happy to see Jillian chosen for The Bachelorette?
Will you continue to watch The Bachelorette or The Bachelor?

I enjoyed reading this recap of the ATFR 1.

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Sara@i.Sass said...

Them's a lot of questions girl!
I think the fact that Mel got humiliated on TV just sucks. BUT she did sign up for the show and although SHE wasn't the one acting a fool like half those girls do on that show. I have no doubt she'll bounce back.
Now for the scheme...I think that is came feom producers and Jason fell for their "promise" that in the end Mel would come out looking better for it, regardless of how it played out. I truly truly believe he BELIEVED this. Men are just easy to manipulate...
My faves were Jillian and then Molly and then Steph.
The person I liked least: I call her the mouth, because her mouth never stops and she never thinks about what she is saying and she sounds so (shaking head) wrong. Okay see if you can figure that out.
Jill as bachelorette: I am nervous about this one. I totally loved Deanna and thought Brad was a moron. She got her show. YIPPY! She had some AMAZING guys. I never, never thought Jesse was right for her, and why she kept picking him...That's when I started doubting the process. Like stuff HAD to be fixed. (I mean come on! Memeber British guy Matt, how in the WORLD did he pick weirdo Shane Lamas over the normal, sweet I can't even remember her name. But that was just ridiculous!) I could NOT believe Deanna, whining and crying how she wanted to start a family blah blah blah chose JESSE!?!? A snowboarder, who had all the romantic know how of a nat. Commintent level: Dude, as long as there's snow dude I'm there!
Again: She is a Moron. Plus she knew she wasn't picking Jay and she let him propose...ARGH.
Enter Jay as Bach. again YIPPY! Someone out of this mess NEEDS to end up happy. I tell you I loved the first episode. There were many many things to shake your head at and laugh. I still to this day CRACK up over "story board girl" and crazy hygentist stalker who actually made it to like round 3. Ooh, and teacher that left her job to be there.
But then the relationships started.
Now I'm scared to DEATH what they'll do or make Jill do. How are they going to top this?
And by that I mean...who's going to loose a kidney or something to get ratings up and over this season? Seriously, it's getting to the point where it's NOT just feelings that'll be hurt anymore.
I am happy for Jay and Moll they looked so good last night.
I would LOVE to see some complete arse be the next bachelor. You know someone we hate from the start and girls that talk back and slap when done wrong. NOW that would be a good season for me.
No, seriously, I'm ready for the show to be done. All they do is hurt people and that is just so wrong. I don't want to watch anymore. But it's my heroin. I'm addicted to the madness.