Thursday, March 5, 2009

Every last one of the Tottles has a cold!!!

This is how Daddy and Autumn spent most of this past weekend. These pics are from Saturday. Autumn looks so pathetic, I think it's adorable.

Autumn started with some congestion on Friday and then Saturday had a fever of 103 which we quickly brought down to 101 with a lukewarm bath and Tylenol, and then she's had low fevers on and off the whole weekend. She's still sick but the last two days has been mostly coughing and a runny nose.

Hopefully this is over soon, being sick really wears Autumn out. Then of course I started feeling sick on Mon and then Tues & Wed it was really kicking my butt but today I am feeling much better but not yet back to normal. Tue K.J. & Keaton also started getting sick. So now we all have colds!!
Autumn is a little irritable today but nothing compared to what it's been like the last week but Keaton is especially grumpy today. They both slept late, Autumn til 8 and Keaton til 9 and then both took a nap at 10:30. They both usually wake up between 7 and 7:30 when they're not sick.

Here's Autumn on Thursday, the day before she started getting sick.
She's bringing laundry to the laundry room.
We used to have cats, and we would keep the litter boxes in our laundry room, hence the hole.
I taught Keaton to put laundry through the kitty door last year and he loves doing it.
So I figured why not try out Autumn.
I showed her how to do it once and she's hooked!
Now when we get them changed, we just say bring this to the laundry and voila!, she toddles off with clothing in her arms and pushes it through the hole.
We say "thank you" and the kids are so proud of themselves.

Child Slavery? Nah. Good work ethic, yeah!

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Sara@i.Sass said...

Oh, my I can just see she isn't feeling well in those first few pics. And that one where she lifted her head I can almost hear her say "Are you kidding me? I feel like crap and you want to take a picture? alright fine, I don't have the energy to argue!"
Then seeing her toddle around in her diaper. SO STINKIN' CUTE!
Clever use for that pet door.
Having work ethic is a GOOD thing!