Friday, March 13, 2009


This is probably not the best thing to show you as I'm rather embarassed of the inside of my closet but I thought it would be a good thing to document!
I have really been needing to sort through my clothes and since I'm having a yard sale on Saturday, I got motivated to finally do it. Although, I'm not actually selling the clothes in the yard sale, I'll be donating them but for some reason getting ready for my yard sale motivated me to get in my closet and CLEAN HOUSE!!! Talking to my friend Keli was also motivation, she's one of those people who's super organized and every season, stores clothes away and brings out clothes from storage and organizes all her kids' clothes by size and is constantly ridding her home of excess extraneous things. I'm nothing like her.
These first 3 pictures are supposed to be the "BEFORE" pics but they were actually taken after I was just a little bit into clearing it out. You see that space to the left, that did not exist in the "BEFORE" state.
Here's the beginning of my "piles". I'm so organized aren't I? Ha ha. The two piles closest are "donate" piles and the pile slightly to the rear with the brown sweater on top is my "keep and put in storage" pile. Some things I'm storing away because they are winter items and some because I do not fit in them right now but I really love them and hope to fit in them eventually. I know, I know, that's sort of against some rules or something but I did get rid of most of my "too skinny" clothes, I only kept the few things I REALLY LOVED! After all, I've got 5 different sizes of clothes throughout my closet, drawers and in bins under my bed so I'm bound to fit in something from each size over time, right? Say the sizes I have are 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 (I wish). Let's just say I'm wearing an 8 right now and I hope to get down to
a 2, respectively.
This is my "throw away" pile, conveniently on the floor. It's mostly lingerie, I would not donate or sell lingerie, that's just gross. Although I don't think I've worn any of it longer than a few minutes anyway ;)
Here's my closet after ridding it of all unecessary stuff, I only left in there what I have worn in the last month. I still need to work on the top shelf and the floor of my closet but for now I'm very proud of what I accomplished.
Look at how much space! I should fill it quickly, shouldn't I??
I have a mild obsession with totes and small handbags if you hadn't noticed the top shelf there! More than half of my little bags I have never used, I just really love buying them.
Here's the floor of my closet, I actually organized it a couple months ago and it was looking pretty good until I decided to store my crochet stuff in there! The American Eagle box contains my crochet hooks, patterns, scissors and misc. things while the basket it's sitting in holds some yarn. There's also some more yarn off to the left in a plastic shopping bag that I recently purchased.
Most of my friends know that I served in the Air Force Reserves for 10 years. This is what's left of my BDU's (Battle Dress Uniforms for you civilians), I have two sets and two sets of maternity. I've listed them on craigslist and will probably put them out in my yard sale this weekend. I've been discharged from the Air Force for nearly a year but have been holding on to them since. Sentimental, not really, but maybe. It will be officially one year March 31st, which coincidentally is also my birthday!
And I've also got my blues! All pressed and ready to wear! Hope someone else can use them, they're actually pretty expensive.
Here are the final piles, as you can see, the 2 "donate" piles turned into 3 and the "keep for storage" pile is rather small.
I ran out of room on the bed for "donate" items so here are some more!
Another view of the piles, I've got some bikinis sitting there for donation, I know I'll never wear those EVER again! Not with the stretch marks my darling Keaton tore into me.
And this is funny cause I'm always complaining that we don't have enough hangers and my husband always says I'm hoarding them in my closet. He was right. Now I've got loads of extra hangers!!!


Sara@i.Sass said...

It feels SO good to shread those clothes! I do this every season too. Especially for the kids who grow out of stuff rapidly. I am still holding onto my "skinny" jeans...I can't part with them.
I love the shoe racks! I have some too and they never seem to be holding the shoes! I am going to by that shoe under organizer.
My birthday is March 29!

shaina said...

It's fun to clean out things, and find treasures. We still have my husbands AF BDUs and Blues, but we have them in a box in the garage. I think it's nice to hang on to them.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!