Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Butter Keeper / Butter Bell

I had a glass butter dish that just annoyed me. The cover was rounded (and glass) so when you picked it up, it slipped out of your hands most times, smooshing itself into the butter below. So I started looking for a new one on the internet (where I start most of my shopping) and found this neat butter thingy. The one I purchased is called a butter keeper, but there are also ones called a butter bell. I really like this hip square one but it's much pricier than the one I purchased. The reason I like it is because you can always have soft butter on hand, it doesn't get messy and the butter stays fresh because of the unique airtight seal created by the water in the bottom. Here is a snippet of the explanation:

Butter stored in the fridge tastes like leftovers and tears up your toast, while butter stored on the counter spreads easily but goes rancid in days. What to do? Norpro has the answer. Simply pack the Norpro Butter Keeper’s inverted lid with softened butter, put an inch or so of cool water in the base, and invert the lid on top. Water makes an airtight seal between lid and base, keeping butter soft, sweet, and spreadable for up to 30 days without refrigeration. (You’ll need to replace the water every few days.)
I found an additional, unexpected and surprising benefit of the butter keeper. The day after I buttered toast, I lifted the top out of the butter keeper and looked at the water on the bottom, it had a floaty in it. I thought, ewww, gross, how did that get in there. Then I realized it was a small crumb I had gotten in the butter the day before while buttering toast. The crumbs in the butter come off in the water! Brilliant.

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Christina said...

Very cool! I use butter when cooking, but don't use it for bread, toast, etc. because it tears the bread. I'll have to get one of these so I can use butter on everything.