Saturday, November 1, 2008

Family Photo Shoot at Ft. Barrancas

I had found this awesome photographer named Laura through my friend Carnley. I saw a couple of Carnley's photos on Laura's blog ( ) and then I checked out the rest of her work and was really impressed with her style.

I knew I wanted something different than just posed portraits but I really had no ideas. So we just booked a photo shoot and Laura had all kinds of ideas and even suggested some locations. We chose to go to Ft. Barrancas ( ) because they have a light house, some stone building backgrounds, some grassy areas and the beach. That way we got some versatility all in one spot. We all had a lot of fun taking the pictures. We did some classic posing but mostly we just kind of played around while Laura took loads of shots. Now she has to sort through them and find the really good ones. She posted these 5 photos on her blog for us to look at while we're waiting for the whole package. She will then put up a slideshow of the finished photos in a week and mail us a cd with all of the digital images so we can print out whatever we want at our leisure. She doesn't offer prints yet because she's new but I totally like this idea better anyway. I'd much rather have the cd with ALL of the photos rather than picking a couple prints to buy.

Anyway, enjoy these for now and I will post some more when we get our finished product.

Autumn thought the sand tasted really yummy!

Keaton was a ham, and I'm sure Laura captured a ton of good ones of him in action.

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