Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Bachelor Conspiracy Theory and After The Final Rose, part 2???

Possible SPOILER ALERT, don't read if you don't want to know the possibly TRUE rumors!

So all the buzz on the internet is that Jason chose Melissa in the finale but that he breaks up with her sometime soon after and is now currently dating Molly! Wow, are you serious?? Check out Reality Steve's blog, it has a lot of information, I've only had time to skim it but if you have the time, read it all and summarize to me in a comment or something!! :) ABC has already filmed an After The Final Rose, part 2 to air March 3rd. Whoa, this is crazy!! Chris Harrison has refuted the rumors that the producers "scripted" the ending and made Jason choose Melissa when he knew early on in the season that he wanted Molly. I must say the producers are pretty smart, not only have they hyped up the show with DeAnna returning but now this!?! So many people are pretty miffed by the whole thing but it just makes me anticipate the show even more!! Which I'm sure is the point. Anyway, I can't wait for Monday night!!

The season finale will be March 2nd from 7-9pm CT with the After The Final Rose (ATFR) episode immediately following from 9-10pm. Here is what my TV listing says for the first ATFR: Jason joins finalists Melissa and Molly to assess their journey together on "The Bachelor."

ATFR, part 2 will be March 3rd from 9-10pm and here is what the TV listing says: A season recap featuring Jason and the bachelorette he selected at the final rose ceremony---as well as the one he didn't. Included: updates on all three.

Update: here's another blog worth browsing

and the former Mrs. Mesnick?


Emily said...

Thanks for all of the links! They are great!

Sara@i.Sass said...

NO freakin WAY!
I knew about two weeks ago about the rumors he chose Melissa. I rooted for Jill. LOVED her. Molly I've always liked. I did also see pics of ex mrs. Messick and was stunned by how much She, Deanna and Mel look alike. crazy scary.
Can't wait to see what happens now. I'm going to check the links!
What is your email? I've tried twice to email you and notice it's noreplay@blogger.